The Value Pyramid

The Value Pyramid categorizes customer value elements into the levels of a pyramid, with the elements providing more objective value at the base and the elements offering more subjective value higher up.

It is a mental framework to identify which level your organization generates value for your clients.

Course Outline

Benchmark your company’s value proposition against your competitors’ by surveying your customers on how your products and services perform relative to rival offerings on the non-table-stakes elements

The Four Levels of a Value Pyramid.

    •  Skills
    • Processes
    • Strategy
    • Vision

Since many people can be involved in buying decisions, especially at larger organizations, it’s worth mapping who is on the buying team, who influences it, and the different priorities and sources of value for each.

Who can attend this program?

This program is for you if you are:

    • An entrepreneur
    • A sales account executive with sales responsibilities
    • An experienced sales professional

Program Learning Outcomes

Use the Value Pyramid to identify the level of value organizations bring to each other.

Are you asking too much or too little from your clients?

You will learn to talk with customers to understand their experience and conduct follow-up interviews to explore their needs, sources of satisfaction and frustration, and the compromises they make in using your products and services.

Learners will be taught the various ways to increase value for customers; Assess the best ideas from the ideation session by discussing their appeal with customers and your firm’s ability to deliver on them.

Learning where your organization fits into the goals and objectives of your clients will ensure you are always providing value at the highest level.

Next Steps?

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