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Enlist in our program and join hundreds of other business owners successfully increasing their profits. Designed for companies ready to commit to business growth, the coaching follows the best practices which has proven to work for hundreds of thousands of start-up companies. Contact us to find out more information on how to get involved.



Sales 101 is a comprehensive program designed to support new entrepreneurs with the foundational behaviours, strategies, and sales skills necessary to create a continuous stream of opportunities flowing into your pipeline. Program trainers have more than 25years of sales and training experience. Sales 101 Principles provides a practical-based foundation for understanding, influencing, and transforming sales behaviours using the most effective psychology techniques. This program will provide you with the hands-on support you need to understand and implement sales fundamentals by helping you integrate and apply what you are learning for immediate and lasting results. 

This program is designed to support you and your team by helping you:

  • Understand the sales psychology needed to consistently reach sales Quotas
  • How to prospect effectively to qualify potential clients for your pipeline
  • How to create and achieve SMART goals
  • How to create presentations that effect behaviour using power words
  • How to build rapport and authority with anyone at any time
  • Closing skills needed to become a true solution-based seller


This advanced program for sales professionals and entrepreneurs takes sales training to a whole New Era….
In today’s world and digital age, as many as 70% of customers have completed a buying process without engaging with a single salesperson.  While only some consumers choose to complete most purchases without ever interacting with another human being, this behavior is becoming increasingly more popular in some sectors.  Therefore, you need to adopt sales and revenue generating techniques that can evolve in this new digital space.

This program is designed to support you and your team by helping you:

  • Identify personal habits that are blocking your success
  • Introduction to CRM as a business tool
  • Introduction to email and text marketing
  • Learn the Best Practices of the  top 1% of business leaders and sales professionals in the world
  • Sales Funnels as a lead generator
  • Be more confident in objection handling
  • Learn how the power of endorsements influence others to buy
  • Learn how to increase your closing results to 80% with less effort and struggle

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