Solutions Selling

Solution selling is a selling methodology that uses a problem-led sales approach rather than a product-led approach to determine how a change in a product could bring specific improvements that the customer desires.

Unfortunately, most experienced salespeople have difficulty transitioning from selling products and transactions to more customer-centric solutions.

Understanding solutions selling differentiates you as a salesperson based on the value and aligns you with your customer’s buying process and business goals.

It allows you to provide higher and differentiating value to buyers – not only by what you are selling but, more importantly, by how you engage with customers’ needs.

Solution selling allows a salesperson to collaborate with buyers throughout the selling process and advise them efficiently to good buying decisions and business outcomes. A salesperson needs to sell solutions and value to clients instead of selling transactions, features, and benefits.

Course Outline

    • A Map for Sales Success
    • Effective Sales Conversations
    • Establishing Buyer Consensus
    • Collaborating with Buyers
    • Negotiating the Win
    • Structuring sales around your audience’s needs

You will learn to quickly build rapport, align with anyone, and understand the skills needed to become an authentic value-based seller.

Who can attend this program?

Effective solution selling is a catalyst for developing and maintaining a high-performance sales culture for the company’s sales, marketing, operations, customer support, and other operating groups. Therefore, the entire company must learn the relevance of solution selling, especially the sales team as a whole.

Program Learning Outcomes

Solution selling training teaches you the methods and concepts to build long-term and win-win relationships with clients while, at the same time, you can achieve bold revenue and margin goals. This proven solution selling training helps to teach you high-performance sales execution methodologies that help sales professionals tap into their customer’s pain points. You will learn how to employ processes, tools, and critical skills development to keep the customer as the focus of every sales engagement.
As a result of effectively implementing solution selling training, sales teams typically achieve an increased number of qualified sales opportunities, win-rate, shorter sales cycles, increased revenue, and volume.

Gain greater insight and influence throughout the decision-making process, stronger customer relationships based on selling value and solutions, not price.

You will learn how to accomplish all of this while effectively building trust and a valued, long-term client relationship.

The intensive solution selling training workshop allows each participant to view a current sales opportunity through the lens of the customer’s decision-making process and to practice the proven skills and techniques necessary to succeed

After this process, salespeople become potent assets to their sales teams and their customers through their selling approach and the value of the solutions they bring.

Next Steps?

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