Closing Skills

The Effective Negotiating Strategies course is designed to increase the ability of experienced sales professionals to plan for, navigate, and close more negotiation deals at higher margins. Learners will hone their negotiation skills to move seamlessly through the negotiation process and keep their clients happy.

When closing a sale, salespeople need to choose the right words to convince the customers and take them into confidence. These closing words should demonstrate that you are providing the prospect with the most appropriate solution to their problem as a salesperson.

Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales. Choosing the correct phrases to seal a sales deal is crucial.

Course Outline

Our instructors will take  you through the four effective sales closing techniques that are most popular with sales professionals:

    • The four effective closing techniques
    • Gaining Customer Commitment through the Sales Process
    • Opportunities for Closing
    • Buying Signals
    • Trail Closing
    • Aiding the Decision Making Process
    • Overcoming the Objections
    • The Follow-up Call

Closing the sale is the primary goal of all sales activities. This program concentrates on maximizing the chances of closing the deal and gaining the order. Closing is an integral part of the selling process, making this training a must for virtually every sales team.

Who can attend this program?

This program is for you if you are:

    • An entrepreneur
    • A sales account executive with sales responsibilities
    • An experienced sales professional

Program Learning Outcomes

Entrepreneurs are introduced to the skills needed to stop losing deals and start closing deals. Practical Closing Skills boil down to one word “Compliance.” Once students understand how to present the value proposition, they are then trained to apply the best practices to ensure a positive outcome every time. They will learn how to create an ideal customer profile, Identify the needs of the target prospects, and assess the prospects’ decision-making process before proceeding to the sale closing.

This course will help develop delegates’ confidence and ability to close effectively in a range of different situations and help them consider the requirements for effective closing.

Next Steps?

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